Phone Fuel 2.0

Our Small & Lightweight Phone Fuel 2.0 is a pre-charged, high powered, disposable cell phone charger that provides you 60%-95% ADDITIONAL charge when you need it most! The built in cord fits both Android and iPhones.

* Built-In Flexible Cord won't break off in your phone like other, static plugs

* Waterproof Outer Package is perfect for backpacks, boats and outdoor use

* 2900 mAh is the most powerful on the market

* Pre-Charged, One Time Use. No need to remember to charge it before you leave home. Made for ease of use and mobility

* Recyclable Bio-Degradable Shell

* 2 Year Shelf Life

* Tested and Certified CE, RoHS, FCC

* 2.5" x 2.1" and only .39" thin. 1.75 oz


*To order contact us at

The Phone Fuel Shell is Bio-Degradable
Recycle responsibility
Our ONE Built-In Cord Fits iPhone and Android
No More Cords to Carry Around
Fits Easily in Your Pocket
Never Worry About Seeing Red Again
2900 Mah of Power

Where will you be when your battery hits 10%?

Low Battery Anxiety....when do you get it? 10%, 20%, 30% ? Would you walk into a restaurant and order food just to get a 15 minute charge that may get you 10% power? Would you ask a stranger to borrow their charge cord for 5 minutes?

Now you don't have to! Have the power you need, when you need it, right in your pocket or purse. Forget to charge that bulky power bank? The Phone Fuel 2.0 is Pre-Charged, so it's ready when you are! And when you're charged back up and the Phone Fuel 2.0 is empty, just dispose of it responsibly. No more worrying about carrying around a bulky, dead power bank. 

Be Prepared for Any Emergency Situation

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